5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

If you’re feeling skeptical about the need to redesign your website, we don’t blame you. On the surface, it may seem like a process that involves some risk to your brand. Here’s the thing, though. If your website needs a redesign, it’s because your brand is already suffering. Today, we decided to take a look at some of the most important reasons why a redesign should be on the top of your agenda.

1. Your Site Provides a Poor User Experience

A website that frustrates your visitors is an ongoing disaster for your brand. An inability to access information about your company is a win for your competitors. More than that, visitors will carry with them a feeling that you don’t care about your customers. It’s a double whammy for any branding efforts.

Your website needs to have buttons that work. Menus should show the right information. Pages must load fast and make it easy for your customers to use your services.

2. Its Design is Over Four Years Old

Four years may not seem like a lot of time in business, but on the internet, four years might as well be four decades. The internet is still a young technology, and it is evolving every day. Fast-changing design trends are not a mere question of fashion. They are a matter of functionality.

If your website isn’t using recent design innovations, it’s not doing its job.

3. It’s Incompatible With Mobile Displays

This point has to do with both of the first two, but it’s much more specific. Most internet users now access websites and social networks from their mobile phones. If your website design is over ten years old, it’s very likely that it does not display well on a mobile phone. Even more recent designs may suffer compatibility issues if they’re not optimized.

Your website needs to feature responsive design. This allows it to display in a readable way on any device that can access the internet. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, or a smartphone, it needs to work as well.

4. It Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

If you recently changed the look and feel of your business’s brand, your website needs to follow suit. Customers may learn about your brand somewhere offline. If they come to your website and discover something different, that’s confusing.

That confusion is worse than a momentary setback. It can lead to a feeling that your company isn’t trustworthy or very well-organized.

5. It Doesn’t Contribute to Your Marketing Strategy

When you design your current website you may have set it up to generate leads in a specific way. For example, say you built a landing page to invite visitors to subscribe to an email marketing list. Now, though, you’d rather get direct contacts from leads who are definitely interested.

If your website doesn’t reflect that change, then it’s not helping your marketing.

Whichever issues your current website may have, 10 DAY DEV can help you turn on a dime. It’s the same whether it’s a question of cleaning up the look and feel, or altering the website’s main purpose. We’re there for you, and we’ll get your website redesign done as fast as we say we do. Be sure to contact us today to let us know what issues you’re having with your website, and how you’d like us to fix it!

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