Why Lawyer Website Redesign is a Must for Every Firm

Every law firm needs a good website. In fact, lawyer website redesign should be a priority for any firm that has had its current website for more than a few years. There are several important reasons for this.

Online Real Estate

Your website has the same marketing role as the appearance and location of your physical office.

Imagine your office is in a sketchy neighborhood. The paint’s peeling, there are weeds in the parking lot, and you have cracked windows. Thinking about it, you might be a character in a John Grisham novel.

Jokes aside, how likely is it that clients will bother to find your office? And if they do, how will they feel about trusting you with their case?

Websites work the same way. When a potential client goes to search for you online and can’t find you in the first place, that’s a big red flag. That tells them that you don’t have the reputation needed to solve their legal problems.

Suppose they do find your website. It’s overloaded with stock photos that every other firm also uses. It looks like you designed it in 1994 and never updated it since.

They will come to similar conclusions.

Lawyer website redesign is about solving this image problem, first of all. Your website needs to look attractive enough for your potential clients to trust you.

Bringing in New Clients

Redesigning your website and updating it are key ways to make sure that clients can find your website.

In the old days, earning clients was all about networking and referrals. With current generations, that system is changing. Millennials are searching for everything that they need online. That includes legal services.

They’re also turning to automated Legal Services. That means you definitely need to make sure your website shows the value that you provide as a flesh-and-blood attorney and staff.

Your website’s content needs to be easy to read and understand. It needs to deliver value from the moment the client arrives. That means clarity about specific services and fees. It means answering common legal questions on a regular basis with your blog.

And yes, you should have a blog. It should be a part of your website. You should update it on a regular basis, and it should serve a dual purpose. It not only answers client questions, but it also helps the search engines see you so that your clients can too.

Increasing Productivity and Decreasing Paperwork

Another advantage of a lawyer website redesign is building productivity tools into the website.

Consider tools like integrated calendars and payment systems. These can save you, your staff, and your clients hundreds of hours of valuable time. They also make it more likely that you’ll receive payments on time.

They make it possible for you to share sensitive documents with your client in a secure way. You don’t always have to meet at the office anymore. And no more dimly-lit parking garages, either!

Make sure that your firm’s website is working for you. It needs to help your clients to see that they can trust you with their legal futures.

If your website is out of date, 10DAYDEV can help you with the renovations! Let us know what you want it to do for you. We’ll make it both beautiful and functional.

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