Your Web Design Should Reflect Your Goals

What’s the purpose of web design? Is it just to make a website look cool and interesting? Hardly. Excellent website design contributes in a proactive way to the social and financial success of the company it represents. It is both the structure and the face of a powerful sales-enabling machine.

A Website is More Than Just a Product Showcase

When you’re working hard to earn the trust of new clients and customers, it can be tempting to want to use your website as a convenient place to show off what you offer from every angle, and list every last feature that could possibly appeal to a prospect.

Don’t fall for that.

That may be how some company sites were designed in the past, but it doesn’t quite work like that anymore. This is not just a question of trends and fashion. It’s the result of decades of experience in gradual refinement.

Building an Effective Sales Funnel

As long as your goal is to build up your customer base, then the real value of your website is that it’s a key part of what forms the broad top end of the sales funnel. You need it to draw in as many people as possible, get them interested, and then guide them in deeper.

The top of this funnel needs to look appealing. That means straightforward and uncluttered design. Confusion leads to frustration, which obliterates buying interest.

Beyond looking good, it needs to function well as a part of the sales process. After increasing interest, and inviting prospects to provide their contact information in exchange for more content and conversations, that contact information needs to get to the people who’ll find it most useful.

Customer Engagement Through Storytelling

Successful web design integrates principles of influence, like choosing colors and styles that will put the prospect in the right mood to buy, but that’s not even the most important factor.

A powerful website’s design revolves around the way it uses visual content. That means using pictures and words together to harmoniously communicate values and benefits.

It’s about creating and choosing the right photos of real products and real situations so the prospect can visualize themselves using them and loving it.

It’s about writing compelling copy that pulls them in and places them in the center of the action, and convinces them that, yes, this will make their own lives more successful, too. At the same time, that copy needs to make those real solutions as visible as possible to people searching online for the answers you have.

Blend all of this together, and you see how the complexity of what it takes to build a good website calls for real skill when it comes to organizing how to apply it all. You need not only the programming talent, but also a knowledge of marketing, psychology, web search algorithms, and aesthetics. Not to mention a lot of patience with the process.

Modern Web Design That Moves You

The greatest challenge is figuring out what to do when you discover that your website’s current design is not aligned with your goals. Worse yet, what if the site is actively inhibiting your success?

If your site is badly out of date, there is a ray of hope. 10 DAY DEV specializes in completely revamping company websites, fast. We have all the skills and talent that it takes to deliver.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll rebuild your online presence better than ever before!

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